Heather & Gabriel’s visit

So in my hastiness to update the blog with two months worth of happenings and visits I completely forgot to write about our visit from Heather and Gabriel!  I didn’t take any photos while they were here so I blame that for my negligence.  😉  I used to work with Heather at the OC Girl Scouts and we’ve been close friends ever since.  These two knuckleheads were in town for WonderCon 2011 and paid a visit to us on April 3rd.

Since I didn’t take any photos I had to improvise…

We took them out to one of our favorite places in the city: Goood Frikin Chicken in the Mission


Gabriel & Heather enjoying a delicious dinner (hahah, sorry Gabriel that I put your head on an old woman’s body! It was the best I could come up with 😉 )

Basically what some of our plates looked like (except mine was sans chicken, duh)

Then we walked a few blocks to one of my favorite ice cream shops in the city: Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Basically what it looked like that night, except add about 25 more people outside waiting in line

H & G patiently waiting in line (did you notice Gabriel’s amazing ability to turn his head 180 degrees?? He’s pretty talented)

Just replace that cone with a giant milkshake that took 20 minutes to make for Gabriel 😉

It took ’em almost two years to come up and see us 😉 but we’re so glad they did!

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