7 mile run, beach walk and bowling

On Saturday 9/11 I started my morning off right–with a 7 mile run! The training for my half-marathon was starting to get intense with a weekly long run and this was my longest ever. I looked up another runner’s route on run.com and really enjoyed my run outside of my neighborhood (which can get boring after a while!) and outside of Kezar Stadium where I’d do some of my shorter runs. I had to take a little printout of the map with me to make sure I didn’t get lost. 😉 All I could think during the run was how amazingly beautiful the park was and how incredibly lucky I was to live in this city and to run in a place like this.

The run was extremely successful, so much so that I agreed to go for a couple mile walk with Carleigh and her dog Bailey along the beach in Pacifica! I mapped the route on run.com so check it out here if you’re interested. 🙂

Carleigh and her adoring fans

The night we got some sandwiches at Phat Philly in the Mission (Cheez Whiz on a philly sandwich? Sure! Waffle-cut fries with a beer cheese sauce? Of course!) and then spent the rest of the evening at Serra Bowl bowling alley.

Proof that I kicked Kevin’s butt! 🙂 Unfortunately we were kicked off the game but you can clearly see that I was in the lead. 🙂

Carleigh wasn’t too impressed with our bowling skills 😉

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