Bazaar Bizarre

On Saturday 12/11 Jessie and I ventured out to Fort Mason for the annual Bazaar Bizarre craft fair.

I still had a few Christmas gifts to pick up so I was anxious to see what this fair had to offer–although I only ended up getting one gift (this funny shirt for my nephew!) we still had a good time.

Jessie, not impressed with our host 😉
I couldn’t resist.

Sad, funky little dead animal!
Jessie talking to a shop owner
Random cthulhu ornaments (took this photo for my brother-in-law Thomas who loves that creature!)
Hamburger dolls?
Turd cupcakes

It was a super foggy day and very quiet (other than in the psycho parking lot). Turns out it was 25th annual Tibet Day as well so we enjoyed some Tibetan food for lunch (a first for me!)

On our drive back home we were craving something sweet so stopped off at the Cups and Cakes Bakery near downtown.

Jess posing with the storefront bicycle (with her red velvet cupcake, yum!)
Enjoying my caramel-something-something cupcake. Mmmm!

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