Lucia’s Monthly Photos: Four Months Old

Dear Lucia,

You are such a chipper, cheerful, squishy little baby especially now that your newborn days are well behind you. You LOVE to laugh and the belly laughs have been coming out with a lot more intensity and a lot more frequently which is so fun! We can already tell that you’ve got a big personality and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be the little jokester of the family.

At your 4 month appointment you weighed in at a whopping 18.4 pounds and the doctor didn’t believe your head measurement (“The nurse must’ve measured it wrong”) so she measured it herself and turns out it was right! She then asked if she could measure our heads and lo and behold, you come from a family of big heads, haha!

You’ve been slowly figuring out what the purpose of your hands are and have been testing them out by reaching for and grabbing toys and also attempting to put the pacifier into your mouth by yourself. Another huge milestone you’ve reached is…drum roll please…you already have your two bottom teeth! I could not believe my eyes when you opened your mouth and I saw two pearly white teeth shining. They were already actual teeth (not tooth buds) so they must’ve broken through around 3.5 months (unreal!)

Something I love about you is how expressive you are with your eyebrows–when something interests you (a noise you hear, a toy you see, a song I sing) you raise your eyebrows as if to say, “Tell me more,” which is so adorable. Day by day you are becoming more and more interested in and engaged with the world and it is an honor to follow along so closely on this journey with you.




The Four Month Rundown


  • Mimicking Lola with your tongue out: (Half-kidding with the Lola reference) You stick your tongue out all day long which is so cute. A month ago that was one of your cues that you were hungry but now you seem to do it all the time no matter what!
  • Sucking in your lower lip: It cracks me up to see you suck in your lower lip all throughout the day–this is something that your big sis does in deep thought and, turns out, something that your mama does too (but didn’t realize until recently)!
  • Sophie the giraffe: Your big sis didn’t care much for Sophie (the squeaky teething toy that every baby I know has) but you seem to be a big Sophie fan!


  • Lately when I delay feeding you too long, especially at bedtime, you give me heck for it–you won’t eat if I’m sitting down in the glider but wait for me to stand up and walk around before you latch on! I have to feed you like that a good 5-10 minutes before I can sit back down (which is comical when you’re literally attached to me). I sure hope this phase doesn’t last long…if you can imagine, this is no easy feat with an 18 pound baby. 😉


Monthly Photos


Here’s Sirena’s four month photo  in the armchair for comparison’s sake

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