Lucia’s Monthly Photos: Five Months Old

Dear Lucia,

You are such a refreshing addition to our family. No matter how upset/tired/hungry/cranky you are, you always (and I mean always) find it within yourself to give me, Daddy or Sirena a good chuckle. You are such a chill baby–many people have commented on how good you are, just hanging out, going with the flow, taking the world in and learning as much as you can. Here are some fun observations from the past month:

  • You watch people when they’re talking, moving your gaze from one person to another, as if you’re really listening and are a part of the conversation!
  • You also love to watch us eat, moving your gaze from the food in our hand as it goes into our mouths. Only a month or so until your digestive system is mature enough and we’ll start trying out some solids, so fun!
  • You’ve just started to take a special interest in your furry sister Lola. You perk up when you see her coming around, you giggle when she licks your feet, and you watch her intently when she plays fetch.
  • Your noises have really taken off since last month. You make a little shrieking noise, then gurgle, then make a low monster growl sound (when you’re concentrating on something or when you’re getting upset). You’ve also started making the “ga” sound.
  • The first two weeks of this month you were drooling buckets every day, soaking through your onesies at least once or twice a day. The last two weeks it hasn’t been a problem as much but it’s only a matter of time until it starts up again I’m sure!
  • You have the sweatiest little feet in the whole world! I thought it was the heat but even on cool days those tootsies are super sweaty.
  • One of the funniest things you do is smack your arm down over and over again. If you’re sitting in your bouncy chair you’ll smack one arm down on your leg over and over again (I like to put a squeaky toy under your arm and you’ll smack it and make noise). If you’re being held by me you’ll smack your hand on my shoulder over and over again. It cracks me up!
  • One of the most amazing things you do is put yourself down for a nap (a dream come true for any parent!) Usually it’s your mid-morning nap that we can lay you down with the white noise machine, a pacifier in your mouth, and a burp cloth in your hand (you like to put it in your face just like your big sis used to!) and you will eventually put yourself to sleep. It doesn’t happen every day but just about every other day. You are INCREDIBLE.
  • The biggest news this month…you can roll over from back to tummy (which you do ALL day long)!

One of the things I say to you at least 5 times a day is how much I appreciate you. You are just pure sunshine and I’m so lucky to be able to love you as much as I do.




The Five Month Rundown


  • Bath time: You get so giggly when we get you set up in the bathtub. Your favorite thing to do is suck on a wet washcloth while we clean you.
  • Your toes!: You have finally realized that you’ve got two feet and ten toes to grab onto and you play with them constantly when you’re laying on your back. You also roll your ankles around in circles pretty often which is so adorable to see (mostly when you’re sitting in your bouncy chair or stroller). Your monthly photo this month is a great example of your active little feet. 🙂


  • Being sick: You had your first cold at 4.5 months old and it was so sad seeing such a tiny person like yourself struggling with a stuffy nose and raised body temperature (no real fever, thank goodness). Your big sis didn’t get her first cold until much later…that’s what happens when you live with a toddler who goes to preschool I guess! Poor thing.
  • (Beginnings of) Stranger Danger: A few times lately you’ve begun crying your eyes out when you’re with someone you’re not super familiar with.
  • Biting: (This is more a dislike on your mama’s part) This month you’ve begun testing out those brand new teeth and have been biting me when nursing (ouch!!) We’re working together to get past this phase, hopefully soon!


Monthly Photos

5 months

And here’s Sirena’s five month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

The Many Facial Expressions of Lucia

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