Lucia’s Monthly Photos: Nine Months Old

Dear Lucia,

You’re nine months old. We’re only three months away from your first birthday. How is this even possible? It’s both crazy how fast these past nine months have flown by but also hard to believe that we’ve only known you for nine months because it feels like you’ve been a part of this family forever and a day. Was there ever life before Lucia? 🙂

Here are some of the exciting things you’re learning and doing lately:

  • You’re not yet crawling in the traditional sense but you sure know how to get around. You scoot on your butt, twisting yourself in circles to get places. And when on your tummy you push yourself backwards and often get yourself stuck under things (which I find kinda hilarious in all honesty).
  • You’ve learned to pull yourself to stand which you are so happy about! You first did this on January 14. We’re practicing helping you sit back down because you tend to get stuck standing up. 🙂 You’re also getting really strong and confident on your two legs and can stand unassisted for a few moments before toppling over. When holding your hands you have started to lift your feet ever-so-slightly which means that walking is not too far off!
  • You still like to pretend you’re a puppy dog with your tongue hanging out but you’ve also started to do some cool tricks by rolling your tongue thisaway and thataway, I’m quite impressed.
  • The past month you have transitioned out of your baby bath recliner and you’re now sitting upright on the bath mat. You are SO active at bath time, splashing around, twisting your body around chasing toys, and even trying to pull yourself to standing on the edge of the tub! You’re way more active at bath time than Sirena was as a baby, that’s for sure.
  • You’ve pushed bedtime back a half hour (from 6pm to 6:30pm) and it’s nice to be moving in the direction to you and Sirena sharing the same bedtime (which I know is still a ways off but it sounds so much more enjoyable!)
  • You understand the concept of kisses and you make the cutest puckered lips (sometimes sucking in your top lip to make a kissy sound). Sometimes when we ask for kisses you’ll go right for it and sometimes it’ll seem like you’re going to and then you dodge us at the last minute! What a character.
  • You are a very proud baby. You know when you do something cool and you’ll look around for people to see you and beam when they notice you.

I often think about how so very lucky I am to have you and I hope you always know that.




The Nine Month Rundown


  • Other babies! We went to Sirena’s friend’s birthday party and the friend’s baby sister was there and you got SO excited to see her (making squealing noises and flapping your arms around, it was adorable). I hadn’t realized that you really haven’t been socialized with other babies, you’ve been around big kids for the most part! We need to get you some baby friends. 🙂
  • When you’re really hungry you have a tendency to nose-dive at my chest which always cracks me up!


  •  You’ve been extremely distracted lately when nursing so I have to make every effort to go into our bedroom to feed you with no audience (Sirena is the worst distraction, for good reason!)


Monthly Photos

 9 months

And here’s Sirena’s nine month photo in the armchair for comparison’s sake

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