Sirena’s Monthly Photos: Eight Months Old

Dear Sirena,

This month is a little bittersweet for our little family: it’s super sweet because we’re moving back to Long Beach to be closer to family (woohoo!) but it’s bitter because we’ll be leaving your Auntie Jessie who we are so so close with and we’ll be leaving the beautiful, amazing Bay Area where you were born and where Daddy and I have created a great life.  We know that the move is going to be great for all of us but leading up to the move it’s been rough with our emotions all over the place and just figuring out the logistics of moving a family of four across the state of California!

The things you are learning to do are increasing exponentially daily, here are the latest things you’ve been learning to do:

  • New sounds!  Up until now you’ve been limited to saying “la, la, la” or grunting (haha!) but your vocabulary has now increased to include the sounds ga, da, and ma
  • First word!  Daddy and I were sitting on the bed with you talking about your doggy and you looked straight at Lola and said “gah-gee”. We looked at each other in pure disbelief!  My friend told me to not second guess what we thought we heard so “doggy” is going down in the books as your first word on Feb 4
  • Plug it up:  You can now put your pacifier in your own mouth.  Sometimes it’s upside down and watching you realize that it feels different and flip it around (or not!) is hilarious.
  • Chow time:  We have officially begun a new chapter with solid food.  We waited until after the new year and our trip to Mexico to get you started on solids and luckily the delay hasn’t seemed to bother you at all, you’re a total pro when it comes to food!  So far we’ve only tried out pureed sweet potatoes and carrots and you’re a fan.
  • Hello, baby!  You

We are so looking forward to starting our new life in Long Beach, your mama and daddy’s old stomping grounds.  I know for one you’re going to enjoy the warmer weather!



The eight month rundown


  • Food: We started out easy with some jarred baby food (sweet potatoes and carrots) and so far you are a big fan!
  • Taking things out of other things: You love taking the blocks out of the box or the small cups out of the big cups or your toys of your toy bin.  You could probably do that for hours (okay let’s be honest, for 20 minutes if we’re lucky!)  You’re getting close to understanding the concept of putting things into other things…but one milestone at a time, shall we?


  • Being cramped in the Ergo carrier: Up until now you have loved being snuggled up against us in the Ergo carrier but you’re at a funny stage where you’re getting too big to have your arms inside the carrier and up against our chest but you’re still too small to have your arms outside the carrier because it seems to put too much pressure on your armpits.  More than anything I think it’s because you want to be able to see where we’re walking better and be able to grab at things so for now we’re just putting a couple of blankets under your booty to lift you up higher.

Monthly Photos

She’s sporting a Sublime onesie to commemorate her move to Long Beach!

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