Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 11 Months Old

Dear Sirena,

Every day your Daddy and I are so amazed by how much of a BIG girl you are becoming.  It’s amazing how you can be such an independent baby while still finding comfort in being in Mama’s or Daddy’s arms when you get scared or hurt.  Your baby days are quickly coming to an end but I think you are ready to be a toddler–you want to talk and move and play like all of the big kids you so admire.

We are in complete disbelief that you are nearing your first birthday but instead of feeling sad for the end of babyhood we are looking forward to the amazing adventures that are yet to come!



The eleven month rundown


  • Second plane trip–You and Mama took a trip up to Oakland for Mama’s work and were fortunate enough to be able to make a visit with Auntie Jessie.  You are such a good traveling buddy and I was so proud of you being such a good baby on the plane.
  • Telling us what you want–After a couple of months of pointing with your index finger like E.T. you’ve learned that pointing has a purpose and you’ve learned to point at the things you want.
  • Pull-ups–You pulled yourself up to a standing position all on your own on 4/8. The first few times you did it we didn’t actually see you pull yourself up, we just turned away for a moment and  by the time we turned back around we couldn’t believe our eyes that you were standing. Now, you’re a pro!
  • On the move!–You crawled for the first time on 4/10! At first you would drag one leg underneath you (you reminded us of Quasimodo a little bit, hehe) and you were pretty slow but you are a turbo crawler now.
  • New words–You have learned Lola’s name and will call to her and, since playing with Lola, you have learned how to say “ball” (sounds more like “ba”).
  • “Feet first”–Auntie Jessie taught you to crawl down from the bed or couch “feet first” and now when you approach the edge we say “feet first” and you understand that you need to get on your belly, turn your legs back, and drop down slowly with your feet first (with assistance, of course!)

Monthly Photos

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