Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 13 months old

Dear Sirena,

It’s true what they say: something magical happens after a baby’s first birthday and they become a little kid!  But in addition to trying to be more independent by testing out your legs and attempting to walk (with the help of furniture or an adult’s hands, not on your own quite yet) you have also become a whole lot more clingy with me and your Daddy and nothing makes us feel more loved.  This past month you have started to do something so special and loving: at night after I finish feeding you just before bedtime you reach your arm up, grab me around my neck, and pull my face towards yours so that our noses or cheeks are touching, then you fall fast asleep.

Pure sweetness.

Love you tons,


The thirteen month rundown


  • She uses the sign language sign for “please” every time she wants something (she still doesn’t quite understand what the word itself means because she can be demanding when she does the “please” sign when she really wants something!)
  • Giving us big, sloppy kisses, not only when we ask for them too, sometimes on her own just ’cause!
  • Eating full meals at breakfast and dinner
  • Walking around while holding onto furniture and pushing her car around
  • Crawls up and down stairs
  • Feeding herself with a spoon
  • Turning the tv on (Ahhh!)
  • Drinking from a straw like a pro
  • Going to daycare twice a week like a brave, big girl

Monthly photos

Our little Coppertone model…this girl tans so well!

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