Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 15 Months Old

Dear Sirena,

You have been testing out your independence more and more these days and it’s really fun to see you attempt to navigate the world without Mama or Daddy right by your side showing you how to do things.  You’ve begun giving yourself tasks to accomplish and it’s entertaining to watch you–you will go into your dresser and grab out a handful of diapers, carry them across the room, and pile them on top of your little armchair; or you will tear up little pieces of toilet paper and stuff them into a container and dump them out to start all over again; or you will take out every item from the shelf and then stuff yourself into the shelf afterwards (but you haven’t quite grasped the task of clean-up afterwards).

You’re a busy little person who’s got a mind of her own with a whole lotta people to see and a whole lotta things to do.



The Fifteen Month Rundown


  • “No”–You have quickly mastered this word and everything it signifies.  Sometimes it can be frustrating (“Did you go potty?” “No” even though we know you did) sometimes we have to hide our expressions of amusement when you use it because it is so entertaining to see a little person who is so sure of herself and what she wants (or doesn’t want).

Monthly Photos

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