Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 17 Months Old

Dear Sirena,

Lately you have been the littlest walking contradiction–one minute you are in the very depths of your (early) terrible twos and the next you are mama’s little helper and little miss manners.

You get frustrated really easily when you can’t do something (like lift a heavy object and place it on a high step or you can’t open up a drawer on your own) or you don’t want to do something (like some mornings you are just so famished you are too tired to walk yourself to the kitchen and just want me to carry you there) and at times you proceed to cry the biggest tears and loudest wails I’ve ever seen/heard.  It’s gotten bad a few times where you throw your body on the ground or against the wall of your crib and, to be honest, it’s pretty unsettling to watch you do that.  But after getting down to your level, giving you a hug (which you always so desperately want in those moments) and validating your frustration and telling you what good things are on the horizon for you, you luckily shake it off and are back to your happy-go-lucky self after a few minutes.

On the flip side, you are one of the most helpful people I’ve ever met.  Anytime I ask you, “Can you help Mama with __?” you are quick to stop whatever you are doing to come to my aid.  You help clean your highchair after meals, you pick up and put away your toys and books when I ask you to, and you help feed Lola her food every day (which I consider your first chore!)  And for the past couple of months we’ve been working on your manners by saying “Please” (“More, please!” and “Help, please!”), “Thank you,” and “Excuse me, Lola” (instead of pushing her when she gets in your way).  In the last two weeks I have heard you say “Help, please!” and “Thank you” completely unprompted and that has made me so so so so so so proud of you!

There are so many parts to your personality that we are discovering each and every day and although at times all we can do is cross our eyes in total bewilderment by your quirky behaviors, overall we consider ourselves so proud and lucky to call you our baby girl.



The Seventeen Month Rundown

Milestones (The list is longer this time ’round because I missed her sixteen month post, oops!)

  • Tiny dancer: You love to move and shake your body and you have got the best rhythm and moves I’ve ever seen.  Your absolute favorite song to dance to is Cookie Monster’s “Share It Maybe” to the tune of pop song “Call Me Maybe.”  As soon as that music starts up you start shrugging your shoulders, lifting your arm back, tapping your feet, and shaking your booty.
  • Friends: Your friend Amelia and you are two peas in a pod because you spend two whole days together at daycare each week.  Amelia calls you “Suri” and when I say her name you get all excited.  She has taught you how to spin around in circles and you two give each other high-5’s which is so adorable to see.
  • “No”: You say this word a lot lately and you are very matter-of-fact when you say it.  In addition to saying it when you don’t want something, you also say it when you’re uncomfortable or scared.  At Halloween when people had masks/hats on, you would say “No” meaning you wanted them to take it off and be normal again.
  • “Mommy”: You also say this word a lot, but not necessarily meaning me as your mama.  You say it when you want something or when you’re excited about getting something.
  • Other words you can say: Bubbles, Moon, Ball, Banana, Lola, Shoes, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Names of some people
  • Buckles: You are getting really good at buckling yourself into your car seat, stroller, and grocery cart chair (and luckily you haven’t learned how to unbuckle yourself yet!)
  • Night, night: Around 7pm every night you get really sleepy and the way you show us that it’s time for bed is you get your blankie or pillow or Dumbo stuffed animal and lay down on the floor with your booty up in the air.
  • “Milkie”: At 16.5 months we stopped breastfeeding.  I knew the end was coming for about a month or so because my supply had dropped quite a bit and it was hard that month emotionally to come to terms with it.  I was sad that we wouldn’t have that sweet, quiet bonding time any more…it was the only time I could get you to sit still and just be with me and it was the only time I could watch you fall asleep.  I had to go away for 3 days to Sacramento for a work trip and the timing was just too perfect so we basically stopped cold turkey the day before my trip.  It was physically painful and uncomfortable for about 5 days but when it was all said and done it felt like the right thing for us to do.  I am so proud that I was able to breastfeed you for as long as I did and I am so grateful to have all of those memories with you.

Monthly Photos

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