Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 18 Months Old

Dear Sirena,

I really can’t grasp the fact that we have an 18 month old on our hands!  You’re a full-fledged toddler now and the little person you’re becoming is pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, your eighteenth month started off a little rocky.  For four days you were vomiting and had diarrhea, you couldn’t hold any food down and that led to you being really dehydrated.  We took you to the doctor’s and we had to make the decision to give you an iv to get fluids in you.  That experience was one of the hardest so far in this adventure we call parenting–it was downright torturous for you but it was also pretty traumatic for me and Daddy who had to help pin you down while they put the needle in and then try to comfort you as much as you could handle while the iv did its job.  Luckily the torture was not in vain and you recovered pretty quickly after that.  But then you developed a double ear infection (your first experience) so now you’re on antibiotics (your first experience with that too) and it seems that you’re finally on the mend.

On a lighter note, Daddy and I are blown away by the vocabulary you’re picking up on each moment of the day.  You’ve begun naming things yourself and some of me and Daddy’s favorites are: Baby (blankie), baba (pacifier), boo-boo (booty), Lalo or Laloo (Lola), and “Maaah-meee” (Help please, More please, Yes please, Up please).

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and you are really getting into the holiday spirit.  Every time you see anything vaguely related to Christmas (picture of Santa, Christmas tree, Christmas lights, etc.) you quickly exclaim, “Ho, ho, ho” like the little Christmas elf you are.



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One observation on “Sirena’s Monthly Photos: 18 Months Old
  1. Nani


    You are so much fun to be with. You have such a generous spirit. Everytime you eat you always offer some of your meal with me and Pama. You are a problem solver too! One morning you woke up and saw Pama sitting in the living room and you got your tennis shoes for him to put on you for our morning walk. He said, “But you need socks.” You pointed to your feet! You already had socks on! We talked about that incident for a week about how smart you are! Your Nani


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